Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sabbath Rest and Trust

All through the Old Testament, we see God's repeated emphasis on a Sabbath rest for His people. What amazes me is how few times it is mentioned that there is a great deal of trust that goes into enjoying a Sabbath of rest.

In Leviticus 25, God details for His people the Sabbath rest required every 7 years for the land, and every 7 sets of seven years a 50th year celebration of Sabbath rest was held. That made for 2 years of trusting God to provide without tilling, or pruning, or harvesting the land. On top of that, they had to trust God to provide enough to see them through planting season the following year!

There is a principle at work here that we see through scripture. God's blessings are available to those who trust in His promises. There are many who can't make themselves take a day off in the week because there is too much work to be done, or their needs are so great. They often look down on those who take their weekly day off as simplistic, or envy them for their 'blessed' circumstances. Not only in Sabbath rest, but in all areas of Christian blessing, what we often view as 'lucky' believers are simply believers who have chosen to trust God in that area of their life, and have reaped the abundant harvest of God's blessing. The same blessing that is available to all who would take God at His Word and put their trust in Him.

I trust each of you will choose to trust God for His blessing.

"And if ye shall say, What shall we eat the seventh year? behold, we shall not sow, nor gather in our increase: Then I will command my blessing upon you in the sixth year, and it shall bring forth fruit for three years. And ye shall sow the eight year, and eat yet of old fruit until the ninth year; until her fruits come in ye shall eat of the old store." - Leviticus 25:20-22

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Being Part of a Family

This week we have had the pleasure of having Jen's parents with us from Wednesday through Sunday afternoon. There is just something special about people with similar values and many shared experiences. We can feel comfortable talking about many different topics, or just sitting quietly in a room together. There is the added benefit of having people to play with the kids during the day more, enabling Jen and I to get much more done. Particularly appreciated as Jen was in charge of the ladies brunch at church this morning.

Anyway, the wonders of family are compounded by the love that God had for us in giving us the adoption of children! God not only included me in His family through faith in Jesus Christ as my savior, but I have a much larger family in the family of God - His church. Now, no matter where we go, we can worship with those who have many similar values and many shared experiences, even if we've never met before. In some regards, it is an artificial family, but in the spiritual sense, it is the only true family we could be a part of.

It is a joy to be around our physical, genetic family, but what a blessing to consider what joy God has given us when He made us part of His family!

"For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father." - Romans 8:15