Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The year of the Blog. . . .

Apparently, this is an off year for blogging here in my world. At my 'peak' I had 22 posts in a year, and at my low, just 9 posts (so far). I guess I will never garner a huge following on my Blog.

Since blogging last, we have been blessed by the birth of our eighth child, Niles Joseph Hadley (He goes by Joseph at this point). Niles was named for his great grandfather, Niles Frank Hadley, who went by Frank, and was born 100 years and a few weeks before Joseph. He is also named for his second great grandfather, Niles Wilbur Hadley. He is also named for his fourth great grandfather, Niles Harrison Hadley. And not purposefully, he carries his sixth and seventh great grandfather's names as well (Joseph Hadley Jr. and Joseph Hadley Sr.)

Carrying family names forward has been fun for us to do. We've used first names, middle names, and even last names from the family tree for our children's names. But there is more to a genealogy than just a name. In my family, there is a history of faithfulness to God that has been passed down through. Joseph's fifth great grandfather was Reverend Daniel Hadley. Daniel was the first pastor in Cherry Creek, NY almost 200 years ago. A name is easy to pass along. Passing along faithfulness to God requires dependence on God and work.

Today, I am thankful for many who took the time in my life to pass along the important things in my life. Parents and grandparents who invested in their relationship to God (and in mine at the same time). Church friends who invested in a strange boy in their church. And many others through the years of coworkers, professors and friends down through. It would be interesting to know the influences on my fourth great grandfather that God used to place him into the pastorate, but it is more important to take time today to pass along good things to someone else.

Have a great day! I'll include a picture of Joseph to help in that.