Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy days . . .

In the 3 months since Jonathan was born, it seems like the days have moved at a rapid pace.  Just about a month after his birth, we had Vacation Bible School at the church.  We've had gardening, canning and freezing chores, a few small building projects and a long to do list that doesn't seem to get much shorter.  As soon as I get one item crossed off, several more have sprung up.  I've been doing some work on the van to get things in proper working order, which seems to be a never ending process as well.

In the midst of it all, God has been very good!  He continues to meet our needs as He promised.  He continues to grow, stretch and develop us.  He continues to surprise us with His goodness.  Want some examples?

Jonathan has been a better sleeper from early on than any of our other children.  What a blessing to have rest.

The garden hasn't produced well, but it has provided plenty of fresh food.

We got over 2 bushel of pears off our tree this year.  (Looking forward to when all the trees are producing)

Our KitchenAid mixer died, under warranty, and we get a new one delivered shortly.

Our KitchenAid food processor had a recall (11 years ago), I just found out about it and called to get a replacement blade.  They are shipping us a new food processor.

We picked over 3 bushel of apples this morning even though our trees only have a couple of dozen apples.

We are able to pay our bills.

We have plenty on our table, and even enough to share.

We enjoy the cooing & crying of babies every Sunday in church.

And on the list could go.  Even with the hustle of life, it is good to be constantly reminded of God's goodness.  I was challenged not too long ago with the question "What if all you had today were the things you thanked God for yesterday?"  I'm glad God doesn't keep track like that, and grateful for the added blessings I never asked for, and often forget to thank Him for.

Don't forget to notice His goodness today!