Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adjusting Schedules

Since the last time I posted here, we have started school.  With 4 kids being taught this year, and adjusting to taking over the math class for my two oldest, we have been ironing out the schedule.  Whenever it seems we have another wrinkle ironed out, another one pops up.  We've tried moving around the math classes, and spreading out the kids for various tasks throughout the house when they need to say things out loud, or read where someone else's instruction won't disturb them.  I think we have come to realize that homeschooling in a house with 6 children will always include some wrinkles.

The same holds true for our personal schedules.  We try to plan ahead, to check on things to make sure there aren't wrinkles.  But almost without fail, a wrinkle (or two, or more) will enter our lives.  I thought my schedule was going to work out for a laid back Monday this week.  Monday is my usual day off and I try to make it a day with very little on the calendar.  So Monday ends up being one of the days that most often gets attacked with wrinkles.  Probably because there is nothing scheduled, when someone asks if I am available to help, . . . I normally am.

I suppose if we know wrinkles are coming, we need to determine in advance how we will respond to them.  It would be a great world to not have any wrinkles, but maybe the world could be just as great if we determined to not allow wrinkles to affect us negatively.  How?  By determining ahead how we will respond.  By asking God for strength to respond appropriately.  By trusting that God has a purpose for the wrinkle that we may not understand, but can fulfill by responding in a way that honors Him.

I hope your day progresses without wrinkles today.  But I pray that we will each respond to whatever wrinkles we find in a way that glorifies God.

"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24