Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Growth

It's official now that Memorial Day is past, up in in the north, gardening season is underway.  We often get late frosts as late as the first or second week in June, so we have to approach this season with caution.  I think we are past the frosts, but I did wake up this morning with the temperature already rising.  At 6 am, the temperature was 40 degrees, I imagine 5 am was a couple of degrees cooler.

Normally, this is the time of year I fall behind in my garden.  I plant carrots, beets & onions early, but when I go to plant the rest of the garden, weeds overtake my early plantings.  So far, the beets, onions and carrots have been weeded at least once, and all have been weeded in the last week.

Gardens are fun for me, and many say that I have a green thumb.  I'm not sure about my thumb, but I know that gardening is a lot of work.  The ground has to be prepared, the seed or seedling planted at the right depth, sufficient water and food need to be available to the plants, and plants have to be able to grow free from weeds or animals digging them up.  Why do I go through the effort?  Because I want the fruit of my labor - tasty, fresh vegetables. 

The same can be said in our walk with God.  Some people we may look at and say "They are just naturally a more spiritual person," but a vibrant spiritual life can be considered a lot of work.  We have to prepare our hearts with humility and a dependence on God.  We have to get God's Word planted in us from seed (reading the Bible) or seedling (sermons and Bible lessons) in the prepared soil of our heart in a way that it will spring forth and grow, rather than rot in the ground.  We have to feed and water these truths by bathing our lives in prayer and continuing to feed on God's Word.  As with many plants, it also helps to grow near and with others (like corn) so the winds of life don't push us over.  We have to be vigilant to weed out of our hearts thoughts and influences that don't belong, and protect God's truth from crows that would pluck the seed out of our hearts, and dogs who would dig them up. 

A lot of work.  Why would anyone do it?  For the fruits that come - a life that pleases God and receives His favor.  I normally post a verse at this point, but this post, I'm going to add a verse from a Hymn we sang on Sunday.
Must I be carried to the skies
On flowery beds of ease,
While others fought to win the prize
And sailed through bloody seas?
I hope any garden you've planted in dirt or in your heart is receiving the attention it needs today.